We are Verhulst shoes.

At Verhulst we are stubborn: our shoes have to look as beautiful as they are comfortable. Or, the other way around, they have to feel as nice as they are beautiful. Therefore, we select the best, most flexible types of leather with the finest structure. Because flexibility is one of the main conditions for an excellent fit. The fine structure is not just beautiful but also very ‘cuddly’. Feel for yourself!

Subsequently Verhulst chooses with each shoe design the technique that provides the best fit. The various shoe lasts in diverse widths that are used for reshaping, ensure that any foot will feel comfortable in a Verhulst shoe.

The real secret of the quality of Verhulst is on the inside of the shoe. The patented flexible innersole for example, provides extra wear comfort. The stiffeners (the ‘heels’ of the shoes), that we strengthen double at Verhulst, provide optimum support in combination with the elongated steel cambreurs (length stabiliser under the foot arch). So the quality on the inside is just as important for an excellent wear comfort as that of the outside!

Here you can read more about our work method.